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Believe us when we say we truly understand that having dietary restrictions can be troublesome and often cause anxiety when it comes to eating, cooking and shopping.

By providing resources, education and support, the Canadian Dietary Institute aims to alleviate the stress of living with diet related health and wellness issues.


This comprehensive 14-week program, led by experienced instructors, covers the fundamentals of traditional chef training along with all the essential knowledge to become a gluten-free expert. The program includes engaging GF cooking and GF baking labs to ensure the acquisition of exceptional skills.


Our range of allergy and intolerance food safety training is developed by chefs & nutritionists to ensures a inclusive dining experience for your customers.

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The Dietary Initiative blog provides valuable information on various aspects of nutrition and healthy living.

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Free Class

Gluten Free Cooking Class

French Toast with Warm Spiced Maple Syrup

Online 23 March · at 10 pm

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