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A CDI, we understand the value of current, industry specific, high-quality research, conducted by knowledgeable professionals,

We conduct our own research as well as offer premium food industry and allergy, free-from, nutrition specific studies by leading firms.

Current Research Conducted by CDI

Food industry professionals are a passionate, diligent, creative bunch like no other, so we insist that our curriculum and practices reflect those values.


The statistics gathered from this questionnaire will help the Canadian Dietary Institute (CDI) to maintain up-to-date curriculum. 

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3rd Party Research Partners 

Free-From Food Market - Growth, Trends and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

Apr 01, 2020 | USD 4,250

...The free-from-food market is also thriving in the light of medical advancements that have analyzed and provided solid understanding of different responses from the immune system, enabling consumers to make conscious decisions in purchasing their their food products. The consumer awareness, regarding the labelling of allergen-free and dairy-free products claims, is driving the market for free-from food products...  

Top Consumer Trends Impacting Health and Nutrition (Part 2)

Nov 27, 2019 | USD 1,325

Euromonitor’s Health and Nutrition Survey provides insight on consumers’ health behaviour and perceptions in a variety of industries, including consumer health, health and wellness, packaged food and nutrition.
... examines the size, growth trends and potential opportunities in the Consumer Health market.  The strategic analyses include assessing the impacts of changing regulations, research breakthroughs and public health concerns on both the market and leading companies.  Consumer attitudes towards the products and their personal healthcare needs are also explored.

Foodservice insights & trends: Emerging & Ubiquitous cuisines

May 28, 2019 | USD 4,995

... a slight retraction in growth due to consumers who are health-conscious about food consumption. Cuisines that have shaped the eating habits of consumers include some of the most influential and history rich countries such as America, China and Italy. Some of these cuisines find their ubiquity in fine dining occasions, but the true path to ubiquity lies in finding ways to make the food convenient to consumers, through time scarcity or monetary value.... 

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