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CDI in Schools

The Power of Community

In 2021 the number 1 complaint among students with life threatening  allergies and dietary restrictions is that their educational institution is not only that thier schools can't accommodate thier basic needs but that often time they feel entirely ignored or unwelcome by thier own school.  
For these students eating food that doesn't threaten thier safety is just a personal need its a biological one.

How we can help

Work with Caterers

We will work with your caters to ensure safe food preparation.

Training & resources

Our training is simple, concise and highly effective!

Easily integrate protocols & procedures

We offer easy to follow protocols & procedures that fit into your current operations.

Lunch Time

Need more Information?

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Death by Allergens

One life is too many to lose

Sadly this is not the only story of its kind.  Food related allergies are on the rise with a worldwide increase from only 3% of the population in 1960 to 8% and rising in 2018.  It is estimated to 40% of children with food borne allergies have experienced a severe reaction.

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