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Celiac Safe

On-line training to help your establishment create safe food for everyone!

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Why do Celiac Safe training?

The Celiac Safe training program is an effective tool used to educate Food Industry staff on Celiac disease and how to best service their gluten free customers.

Catering specifically to our clients needs we have programs for Foodservice (restaurants, bakeries, catering) Food Manufacturing and Educational institutions. 

The training is simple, concise and highly effective!

Benefits of this training include

Reduced liability

Happier customers

Expanded customer base

Better reviews

Increased staff moral

Better communication with customers

Increased safety

Reduced waste

Coffee Barista
What you will learn
  • What ingredients contain gluten

  • The difference between celiac disease, gluten allergy & gluten intolerance.

  • How to replace key ingredients.

  • Menu development & labelling

  • Cross contamination protocols.

  • Kitchen layout & design. 

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Sample video from the Gluten Safe training program

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