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Meeting Room

CDI for Industry

At CDI we endeavour to create safe spaces for all people suffering from food borne allergies, intolerances and diseases. 


Food borne allergies and illnesses are on the rise; with up to 10% of the population experiencing adverse reactions to the foods they eat. Learn how CDI can help your business stay at the for front of safe food conditions.


In 2021 the number 1 complaint among students with life threatening  allergies & dietary restrictions is that their educational institution can't accommodate thier basic needs. Learn how CDI can help your institute correct this life threatening issue.

Out reach

On site vending for your charitable event: Having a fundraiser of not-for-profit community event? Need dietary safe food for your attendees and/or volunteers? We can help! CDI can provide staffing, cookware and even food for your event…free of charge (for qualifying applicants). 

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