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Food Industry Training

On-line training to help your establishment create safe food for everyone!

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More than 4.8 million Canadians suffer from moderate to severe food allergies!

Why invest in Food Safe training?

Elevate your restaurant's commitment to customer safety and satisfaction by adapting our comprehensive allergen training program. Learn how to navigate the top eight food allergies, prevent cross-contamination, and communicate effectively with patrons who have dietary restrictions. Our training empowers cooks, managers, and servers with the knowledge and skills needed to create a dining experience that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of customers with allergies. By taking this training, you contribute to a safer and more inclusive environment, fostering trust and loyalty among your patrons.

Benefits of Food Safe Training

Reduced liability

Strengthen related KPI's

Increased market share

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Increased staff morale

Maximize efficiency

Positive public relations & brand image

Continuous support

Our Training Programs

Food Safe Training

Your staff will learn how to effectively accommodate customers with allergies from the top eight (8) food allergies list.

gluten safe.jpg

Gluten Safe Training

Standard training to accommodate those guests with gluten allergies and intolerances.

celiac safe.png

Celiac Safe Training

More comprehensive than gluten safe, this training ensures stringent protocols are met for those with more severe allergies and celiac disease 

Investing in our training is not just a commitment to customer well-being; it's a strategic move for your restaurant's success. Protect your business from potential liability by ensuring your staff is well-versed in allergen safety protocols. Beyond risk mitigation, this training positions your establishment in catering to diverse dietary needs, expanding your market share. With the growing demand for allergen-aware dining experiences, our program equips your team with the expertise needed to thrive in a competitive industry, ultimately enhancing your restaurant's reputation and attracting a broader customer base

Can you list the top 8 food allergens?
  • Peanuts & Soy

  • Tree nuts

  • Sesame

  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Fish (including crustaceans & molluscs)

  • Wheat (& triticale)

  • Mustard


If you're in the food industry and answered "no" you need our training!

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