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CDI Community Outreach

On site vending for your charitable event: Having a fundraiser of not-for-profit community event? Need dietary safe food for your attendees and/or volunteers? We can help! CDI can provide staffing, cookware and even food for your event…free of charge (for qualifying applicants). 

CIDR Artisan Waffles

Annual Firefighter’s breakfast

CDI brought our own waffle irons, table, cookware and even chefs to make artisan waffles with coconut cream, that were gluten, dairy, nut and egg free! We even had a sugar free syrup option! 

CIDR Pancake Breakfast

Maple Syrup Festival

CDI provided all the ingredients, a chef and server for dietary restriction friendly pancake lunch. Gluten free pancakes were a huge hit, and the gluten free vegan blueberry were even more popular! 

CIDR Barbeque

Fundraiser BBQ

CDI provided a chef and a clean BBQ to grill up chicken, vegetable kabob, grilled corn tortillas and homemade summer salsa!

Sample events we have assisted with

If you have the food and the staff but are unsure about how to go about serving safe food, or what exactly to serve; we can help with that too!  If you give us a few details about the event, we can put suggestions together and even provide you with a short, basic training video on how to easily plan an event around people with dietary restriction.


Have an allergy or intolerance and need some support or information? New to celiac disease, NCGI or another dietary related disorder?




Maybe you have a loved one in the same boat, and you want some information or perhaps just a recipe or two…check out our Resources Page and get all the links you need!

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