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GF Baking Diploma Course is currently in development! We have a dedicated team of chefs and nutritionists working hard to get this course launched.
If you would like more information or to be added to the wait list please contact us!

The CDI Gluten Free Baking Diploma is the world's first & only fully allergy/intolerance compatible  baking program. We've taken great pride in modernizing our curriculum for the 21st century.

Culinary professionals in this 8 month, 2 semester program will have the opportunity to learn gluten free, dairy free, top allergen free, vegetarian baking techniques not typically  taught in classic chef training programs.  You will learn topics such as:

  • Gluten free breads, cakes, biscuits, and more.

  • Advanced level alternate flour composition and blending

  • Dairy alternatives to creams, custards, cheese and butter

  • Mindful nutrition for eating with dietary restrictions

This program will be offered entirely online

Gluten Free Baking Diploma Course Load 

Semester 1

Dietary Restrictions 1 - This unique course focusses on the difference between dietary restrictions, allergies and diseases. You’ll learn the top allergens and restrictions, how they affect the body and basic ingredient substitutions. Dietary Restrictions 2 to follow. (Synchronous)

Baking Lab 1 – This exciting course focusses on the fundamentals of baking. Learning common substitutes for major allergens is an important part of this course. No Gluten? No problem! Gluten free, dairy free principles are applied. Learn the basics of breads, pastries, compotes, and creams. You will source ingredients and bake on your own time!

Nutrition and Mindfulness – In this one-of-a-kind course, you’ll learn about the basics of nutrition, how food affects your body as well as how to eat and cook mindfully. Learn how to appreciate both your food as well as your cooking experience so you may be fully present and enjoy every moment of your culinary education and career!

Semester 2

Dietary Restrictions 2 – Now that you understand the difference between dietary restrictions, allergies and diseases, you can focus on how to implement cooking principles and ingredient substitutions. Learn the difference between and uses for the top 10 grain free flours. Navigate the exciting world of fats and oils as alternative to dairy, meat fats and as binders.

Baking Lab 2 – Moving on from the basics of breads and pastries, now you will try your hand at some delicious goodies, like cinnamon buns, pot pies and panna cotta! Learn to use fruits in unique and exciting ways to make your desserts explode with flavor!

Food Cost Control – In this accounting-based course you will learn to get the most out of your ingredients and staff. Learn the difference between variable and semi-variable costs, why bar and kitchen budgets are separate, and how to prepare a proper balance sheet.

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